I have been in the film industry for a while and have accumulated many skills over the years. But I must admit that my passion lies in editing. I really love crafting story. I have spent the last 7 years working almost exclusively on TV Drama shows. These include, The Professionals with Tom Welling and Brendan Fraser, Gomora, It's Complicated, Jacob's Cross S3-6, MTV's Shuga S2, Endgame, DreamWorld, Magic with Mo and loads more.
On the music concert and video front I have crafted material for Mango Groove, Watershed, Steve Hofmeyr, the great and legendary Shawn Phillips and British based band Marillion.
I have also worked on several feature films, more recently an American/South African Co-Production of Zulu Wedding and Lag Mense as well as Mrs Right Guy. I was also part of the editing team for the Multi Award Winning Documentary Amandla -  A Revolution in 4 Part Harmony.

I am very skilled in FCPX, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Photoshop. I am semi skilled in Avid, After Effects, Cubase, Logic Pro, and various other bits and pieces of software. I am also technically very adept and have served time as post production supervisor, head editor and chief sound designer for several years. I also happen to have won several awards for my work, from editing to sound design as well as camerawork and directing.

I am most at home in the edit suite these days but I do really enjoy getting my hands dirty in all aspects of the television process. I work well with others and require no supervision at anytime.

More examples of my work can be found at www.vimeo.com/jaycecuts

Professionals Clip 1

Currently airing around the world. With a fine cast and crew

Professionals Clip 2

Starring Tom Welling, Brendan Fraser, Tanya van Graan...

Karlu Dies

An unconventional approach to the killing of lead character in daily show

Martina’s Baby

Opening scene to a short film still to be completed

Aluta Clip

A series that ran out of money, was a shame because it had promise

Marillion Live 

One of my favourite songs and one of my favourite moments

Shawn Philips Live

The legendary Shawn Philips Live at the Botanical Gardens in CapeTown

Watershed Live

Watershed captured on a national tour of South Africa


February 2022
Netflix picked up our feature film Jewel (2021) as a Netflix Original which makes us all very very happy indeed.
I’ve been awarded a position on the Irish Screen Editors Guild committee and my first task is to get a quartely magazine up and running which we are hoping to launch 1st week of April so that should be fun. I got commissioned to cut a short film for a drector based in Skerrie north of Dublin which I am also looking forward too in the coming weeks. And finally continued work in South Africa as Season 3 of the Telenovella I am remotely working on starts mid March, so very very busy indeed.

April 2021: Still in lockdown. Over a year now but slowly things look like they are returning to normal, whatever that is. I just landed a new feature film directed by Adze Ugah and produced by Diamond Groove Pictures so looking forward to getting my teeth into that. Still delivering my weekly dose of episodes for Seriti TV in South Africa. Saty safe and well peeps.

It’s Complicated

2 Seasons of Editing, Grading and Final Mixing on a lovely series


I won my first SAFTA editing this programme.


A RomCom directed by a very dear friend. Edited, Graded & Final Mix

Jacobs Cross

Rumours abound about a new lease on life for this show

Liz Ogumbo

Music Video to celebrate Jacobs Cross

Mango Groove

Southern Sky video we shot for the lovely people in the band

Watershed BTS

We spent a few months folowing the band around South Africa

Kwa Mai Mai

A launch video for a very special place in my heart

My contact details are as follows
Mobile Number: + three five three (0)83 865 8470
eMail: info at jaycecuts dot ie

I am available for freelance work and would even entertain a full time gig if the timing was right
Thanks for popping by.

Peace Love and Vomit

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